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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2023-000001
Country: COG Congo, Republic
Location: Cuvette, Likouala, Plateaux, and Sangha departments
Date (YMD): 2023-1-4
Information Source:Republic of Congo Red Cross
Comments: December 2022, the northern zone was affected by flooding or a sharp rise in the water level of the river by 4.4m above the bed, with several villages, neighbourhoods and districts flooded. The most affected departments are Likouala, Sangha, Cuvette and Plateaux with 13 districts in Likouala, 7 districts in Sangha, 2 districts in Cuvette and 1 district in Plateaux, for a total of 164,679 people affected according to government sources following the assessment made on 11 December with the participation of the CRC in the affected areas. The floods have caused the displacement of people in forests, churches, rare schools that are on farmland and in neighboring villages, nearly 7,161 houses were affected / destroyed, the department of Likouala in localities such as Betou 754 houses affected / destroyed, 1,721 in Impfondo, In Enyellé 489 houses were flooded (Likouala department) and 567 in the locality of Pokola Pikounda (government sources, Ministry of Humanitarian Action), not forgetting the locality of Kabo with 244 houses destroyed (Sangha department) and 173 hectares of crops flooded (Likouala and Sangha departments). The cross-referenced information (Government, Local CRC Committees of the two departments) in our possession, shows the following damage: The locality of Betou has around 22,165 people including 4,433 affected households, 13,861 of whom are displaced and 8,304 homeless, in the district of Impfondo there are nearly 23,680 people with 4,736 vulnerable households and in Enyellé and its surrounding villages 7980 with 1596 households affected by the disaster (Likouala department). In the department of Sangha, the locality of Pokola Pikounda has nearly 9,895 people, including 1,979 affected households, and in the district of Kabo, nearly 6,280 people, including 1,256 households affected by the disaster.
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