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Event: EP Epidemic
Number: 2023-000006
Country: MOZ Mozambique
Location: Niassa, Sofala, GAZA, Zambezia, TETE
Date (YMD): 2023-1-16
Information Source:Mozambique Red Cross and IFRC
Comments: On 8th January 2023, the Niassa Daily Cholera Bulletin from MoH was showing an alarming increase in the number of Cholera cases in this Province neighbor of Malawi where the epidemy is worsening. Niassa was recording 379 cholera confirmed cases and 6 deaths in Lago, 250 in Lichinga district with 2 deaths reported. As of 13th January 2023, the reports from MoH shows cumulative number of cases of 878 confirmed cases and 14 deaths. 2 suspected cases offciailly declared and cases of diarrhea reported in the field. This is an increase of 80% of the cases recorded on 21 December 2022 which was 409 cases confirmed with 7 reported deaths. The Outbreak started in 2022. Even if there are no more active cases in TETE Province, suspected cases remain and areas is in at risk areas due to proximity with Malawi. On the 15th of Dec 2022 the Government of Mozambique reportedly announced the confirmation of the Cholera outbreak in the districts of Lichinga and Lago in the Niassa province. In late September, a cholera outbreak was declared in Lago district in Mozambique which borders Malawi (through Lake Malawi also known as Lake Nyasa). Shortly, cases started to be reported in the neighboring district of Lichinga and others provinces. Five (05) provinces are facing the outbreak and/or at risk. Concerned areas include provinces of Niassa with districts of Lago, Lichinga , Sanga, Chimbonila and Mecanhelas; province of Gaza : Xai-Xai, Chilaulene districts; Tete province; Zambezia; Sofala: Caia and Buzi districts. Similar risk is also considered by in other surrounding countries, mainly Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia. Malawi is bordering Niassa and it is likely that transmission is linked to activities with countries borders districts, activities along the borders areas, rainfalls and festive season. in cases and cross-border movements risk the spread of cholera to neighboring countries of Mozambique and vice versa. Niassa Province is bordering Malawi, that has been battling Cholera outbreak for over five months with a deteriorating situation. Now spreading to the Southern part if the country and bordering areas with Mozambique. There are cases of diarrheic being reported in others districts in NIASSA as well but no cholera laboratory confirmation yet. The upcoming rainy season further poses a threat of disease spreading nation-wide.
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