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Event: OT Other
Number: 2023-000019
Country: SOM Somalia
Location: sool, somaliland
Date (YMD): 2023-2-13
Information Source:Somali Red Cross and IFRC and OCHA
Comments: According to UNOCHA, reports from local authorities and humanitarian partners show that the current fighting has displaced more than 126,000 people, with 40 people reportedly killed and over 60 injured. In addition, SRCS estimates that about 51,000 families have fled violence to seek safety elsewhere. The town is the capital of the Sool region, with four officially recognised districts, Caynaba, Las Caanood, Taleh, and Xudun, where about 480,744 households reside. A month ago, around 20,000 people were already reported displaced by the resurgence of clashes. There is an uncontrolled exodus of people out of the city seeking refuge in the surrounding area with host families or informal camps. People didn't have time to organise and pack belongings, and reports speak of people forming spontaneous settlements and sleeping under trees. Others take shelter with relatives, clansmen or friends. This often exacerbates already fragile conditions of those already experiencing drought impacts and food insecurity. The conflict has exacerbated the current situation caused by an ongoing drought and severe food insecurity. Already existing IDPs and others vulnerable groups following the context are again exposed to displacement, challenges, food insecurity and health risk. For many fleeing this violence, it is the second time they have had to move after arriving in the city in search of food and water. Need and urge and assistance currently limited due to multiple aspects. Assistance to some vulnerable people is hard as they remain stuck in areas with ongoing fights.
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