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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2023-000021
Country: NAM Namibia
Location: Oshana and Ohangwena
Date (YMD): 2023-2-7
Information Source:NAMIBIA RC AND IFRC
Comments: Heavy rains were received in south eastern parts of Angola and north eastern parts of Namibia in the Cuvelai catchment during the 2nd week of January 2023, resulting in flooding conditions in Ondjiva and surrounding areas. First floodwaters were observed in some of the eastern flowing Cuvelai Iishanas (river plains) in the morning of Friday the 13th of January 2023 and during the early hours of the 17th of January, the hydrological recording station at Shanalumono located approximately 10km southwest of Oshikango reported floodwaters reaching the central Cuvelai Iishanas (river plain) with local media reporting dozens of homes flooded in several villages including Engela and Ouhongo (,villages%20including%20Engela%20and%20Ouhongo.). Shanalumono is one of the main Iishanas (river plains) of the central Cuvelai River System on the Namibian side. According to the Namibia Hydrological Services, the water levels in the main Iishanas (river plains) south of the Angola/Namibia border are rising. As of 27th of January 2023, water levels at Engela station exceeded the 1m mark. Flood levels continue to increase as more rain persists in the Cuvelai catchment. The NRCS commenced joint assessments with the different government departments in the Ohangwena and Oshana regions on the 14th of January 2023. A total of 2190 people are affected by the floods with 582 people (111 households) whose houses were totally submerged in water and 1608 people (327 households) whose houses were partially submerged. Of the total 2190 affected people, 300 people are from the Oshana region, and 1890 people are from the Ohangwena region. 582 people (111 households) whose houses were totally submerged were displaced and evacuated to 9 relocation sites (7 camps are in the Ohangwena region and housing 332 people, whilst 2 camps are in the Oshana region and housing 250 people). As 35 schools in the Ohangwena region, school equipment, and infrastructure have been damaged and 18 of the schools are currently closed. At several schools, learners have started camping at the school as they are not able to return to their homes on a daily basis due to the rising water. In the Ohangwena region, three (3) clinics have been cut off with communities not having access to them.
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