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Event: WF Wild fire
Number: 2023-000074
Country: CAN Canada
Location: Alberta
Date (YMD): 2023-5-1
Duration: 16
Information Source:Alberta government website
Comments: Hot, dry conditions continue in most areas of the province resulting in numerous wildfires. A provincial state of emergency has been declared and 15 evacuation orders have been issued in parts of Alberta as hot and dry conditions across the province see wildfire activity increase. The fire danger is extreme in northern Alberta with hot, dry, windy conditions expected to persist in the coming days. A moderate to high rating is expected for the southern Rockies. Current wildfire information is available on the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard. A fire ban and an off-highway vehicle restriction are in place across the Forest Protection Area. Alberta Emergency Alerts: 17 (seven orders, five critical alerts, four advisories). There are 83 active wildfires in the Forest Protection Area. 22 are classified as out of control, 14 are being held and are not expected to grow beyond projected boundaries given current weather conditions and resources, and 47 are under control. Number of evacuees: 19,294 Alberta currently has more than 2,500 wildland firefighters, 165 helicopters, 25 fixed-wing aircraft, and heavy equipment responding to wildfires in the province. 1,649 Alberta Wildfire personnel are deployed across the province. More than 600 wildland firefighters have come from British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, the Yukon, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Montana and Parks Canada to support ongoing operations. There are currently 300 Canadian Armed Forces personnel assisting operations, providing resources and basic firefighting roles, airlift resources for mobility and logistical tasks including the evacuation of isolated communities, and engineering support, including heavy equipment resources as capacity allows. Air quality across the province is very low due to the smoke and hundreds of thousands are being affected.
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