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Event: TC Tropical Cyclone
Number: 1992-000005
Country: VNM Viet Nam
Date (YMD): 1992-6-28
Information Source:Govt. of Hong Kong SAR
Comments: Turning gradually west-northwestwards at 18 km/h, Chuck made landfall over the southern coast of Hainan on the morning of 28 June. A weather observing station (Yaxian: 59948) recorded a mean sea-level pressure of 964.1 hPa as Chuck passed 40 km to its north-northeast that morning. After traversing the southwestern part of Hainan, Chuck entered Beibu Wan that evening. Still maintaining typhoon intensity, Chuck tracked to the northwest at 13 km/h over Beibu Wan. It made landfall over the northern part of Vietnam about 100 km east-southeast of Hanoi on the evening of 29 June and weakened rapidly over land. It finally dissipated in northern Vietnam on 30 June. In Hainan one person was killed and 19 others were injured. Houses damaged or destroyed totalled nearly 29 000. About 54 000 hectares of agricultural land were affected and almost 1 400 heads of livestock were killed. About 100 hectares of fresh water fish ponds were affected and 89 fishing boats capsized. Direct economic loss was estimated at 223 million RMB. Records of storm surge were also reported along the coastal areas of Guangxi. An estimated 7 000 hectares of rice paddy and fish ponds were ruined. More than 700 dykes were damaged and one person was killed. In northern Vietnam where Chuck landed, five people were killed, nine were reported missing and three were injured. Tens of ships capsized and dykes were ruined. In Hanoi, low-lying areas were flooded. About 500 trees were uprooted and 140 houses were damaged.
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