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Event: TC Tropical Cyclone
Number: 1993-000007
Country: VNM Viet Nam
Date (YMD): 1993-11-18
Information Source:Govt. of Hong Kong SAR
Comments: Kyle (9325) started as a tropical depression about 410 km west of Yap Island on 18 November. Drifting west-northwestwards at about 20 km/h, Kyle intensified to a tropical storm on 19 November and swept across the central Philippines on 20 November. In the Philippines, hundreds of people had to flee their homes due to serious flooding brought by Kyle. Eight people were killed and one was reported missing. Kyle became a severe tropical storm after entering the South China Sea on 22 November and attained typhoon strength early the next day when it was about 300 km north-northwest of Nansha. Peak intensity was reached on the afternoon of 23 November when maximum sustained winds and minimum sea-level pressure were estimated to be 140 km/h and 960 hPa respectively. It landed over Vietnam about 380 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City that evening and soon weakened to a severe tropical storm. Moving further inland, Kyle continued to lose strength and became an area of low pressure on 24 November. In Vietnam, the passage of Kyle caused 71 deaths, 476 injuries. In addition, 59 persons were reported missing. Torrential rain and high winds destroyed 5 600 houses and thousands of hectares of crops. In addition, hundreds of fishing boats were damaged.
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