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Event: DR Drought
Number: 2023-000130
Country: FSM Micronesia, Federated States
Date (YMD): 2023-10-1
Duration: 8
Information Source:Micronesia Red Cross Society
Comments: El Nino is a recurring climate pattern that triggers changes in rainfall. Rainfall during the El Niño year starts declining as soon as August in the western Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). Dryness increases through October and November and peaks in January in the year after El Niño. Rainfall in western FSM can be as much as 50-60% below average from January through April in the year after El Niño. Based on these predictions, it is expected that FSM will experience peak drought conditions during the first quarter of 2024, with a likelihood that the El Nino declared by September. Impact of drought will be significantly experienced should the following parameters be met: two consistent weeks without rainfall and the water sounding informs over 50% of community water reservations will be less than 50% capacity. In the unlikely event, Government declares a state of emergency for drought before those parameters are met, MRCS will escalate their response.
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