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Event: FR Fire
Number: 2023-000253
Country: GIN Guinea
Location: Kaloum
Date (YMD): 2023-12-20
Information Source:
Comments: In the morning hours of Monday 18 December 2023, a major explosion occurred at Guinea's primary oil terminal situated in the Kaloum administrative district of Conakry, blowing out the windows of several nearby homes and forcing hundreds to flee. The incident led to a massive fire and the release of dense black smoke, visible from a considerable distance. Swiftly, firefighters arrived at the scene, while several tanker trucks departed from the depot, escorted by soldiers and police for protection. Even after the firefighters successfully brought the fire under control later in the day, a thick column of smoke and some flames remained visible. It is worth noting that Guinea does not produce oil and lacks oil refining capabilities. Instead, it relies on importing refined products, which are primarily stored in the Kaloum terminal and distributed throughout the country via trucks. The current extent of the damage sustained by the terminal remains uncertain at this moment. However, this unfortunate incident has resulted in the loss of both lives and properties. The initial report on human casualties indicates that there are at least 12 fatalities, 190 individuals injured, and several people still missing. The injured have been promptly evacuated to Donka and Ignace Deen hospitals, while the deceased have been transported to the respective morgues. The current situation does not provide a definite count of the displaced individuals and the overall number of affected people. Nevertheless, the ongoing process of registration and assessment is already mentioning more than six thousands people being affected. Further data collection ongoing by Government and RC will offer a comprehensive understanding of the extent of the damage and the number of individuals requiring assistance. This information will be provided in SitRep#2.
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