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Event: TC Tropical Cyclone
Number: 2024-000083
Country: IND India
Location: Kolkata
Date (YMD): 2024-5-28
Information Source:
Comments: Tropical storm REMAL made landfall over the border area between India and Bangladesh on 26 May, with maximum sustained winds of 111 km/h. On 27-28 May, it passed over the Kolkata city area (India) and Patuakhali city area (Bangladesh) and continued moving over southern, central and north-eastern Bangladesh, further weakening and dissipating. Very heavy rainfall, strong winds, storm surges and floods affected the area, causing casualties and damage. As of 28 May, ten casualties are reported across southern Bangladesh and six more in the West Bengal state (India). Around 800,000 are displaced across Bangladesh and 150,000 in India.
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Tropical Cyclone,Bangladesh: • Cyclone Remal struck the coastlines of India and Bangladesh, causing heavy rains, strong winds, and widespread power outages. • Bangladesh Power ministry officials in has requested to shut down electricity supply to many areas in advance to avoid accidents, while many coastal towns were left in the dark as fallen trees and snapped electricity lines disrupted supply. • Cyclone Remal weakened considerably after making landfall in Bangladesh's Patuakhali district early in the morning with sustained 111 kph (69 mph) winds. The India Meteorological Department said Remal was likely to weaken further throughout the day. It warned of heavy showers over Assam and other northeastern states for the next two days.