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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2020-000199
Country: MRT Mauritania
Location: Bassiknou, Adel Begrou, Amourj and Néma in Hodh Echargui willayi
Date (YMD): 2020-9-7
Duration: 7
Information Source:Mauritania Red Crescent Society
Comments: From 1st to 8th September 2020, the wilaya of Hodh Echargui, located in the southeast of the country, on the border with Mali, received heavy rains that exceeded the 100 mm barrier in some areas, with flooding in the cities of Bassiknou, Adel Begrou, Amourj in particular and Néma, the capital of the region in southeastern Mauritania. This resulted in enormous damages in the above named three departments of the region, particularly in the department of Bassiknou, which suffered large-scale material damage to infrastructure such as roads, bridges, protective dikes, markets, and water supply sources, in addition to the destruction of a large part of food stocks. According to preliminary estimates, 9,282 people (1,380 households) are affected to date with 3 deaths recorded. Some 118 households (708 people) are currently homeless.
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