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Event: CE Complex Emergency
Number: 2022-000317
Country: COG Congo, Republic
Location: NGABE
Date (YMD): 2022-9-23
Comments: n 14 September 2022, the Ministry of Humanitarian Action of the Congo requested the support of the Congolese government's partners to support the response to the population movements observed in N'gabe, following community violence in the Kwamunthu territory in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 24 August 2022, some villages in the territory of Kwamunthu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, neighbouring the district of N'gabé in the Republic of Congo, have been affected by inter-ethnic conflicts between the Batékés, the Bayakas and the Ngombé. A large number of the DRC populations belonging to the different ethnic groups affected by this conflict have been forced to cross the Congo River to take refuge in various localities in the department of Pool-Nord in the district of N'gabé in its nine villages. They found refuge in the villages on the right bank upstream of the Congo River on the DRC side, forcing the displaced populations to return to the left bank of the Congo River on the Republic of Congo side (Ngabé). This conflict has caused the displacement of 1,700 people and the destruction of several houses, representing, as of the date of receipt of the report received from the government (14 September), 340 households without shelter and 1,700 people (340 households) affected and vulnerable received by the political-administrative authorities of Ngabé and many others in host families in some villages of N'gabé, including Sedeck, Ngobila and Mossengajoko 1. These 340 households have already been registered by the UNHCR.
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