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Event: DR Drought
Number: 2021-000120
Country: TUV Tuvalu
Date (YMD): 2021-8-19
Information Source:Tuvalu Red Cross Society (TRCS), Tuvalu Meteorological Service
Comments: The national EARWatch, suggests the climate outlook for next three months is forecasting normal rainfall, however the regional RCRC EARWatch indicates Tuvalu is in ‘Dry Warning’ as rainfall for the last three months is in the lowest 25% of the historical record. The likelihood of proceeding to seriously or severely dry conditions in the coming months is increased and suggests preparedness and early actions are advisable given the past and future seasonal data. Tuvalu’s reliability almost solely on rainwater for consumption indicates that continued monitoring and data collection would be of high value, as the situation can deteriorate rapidly. From Tuvalu Met Services EARWatch: ‘During the month of June, Nanumea, Funafuti and Niulakita was at drought, Nui was at drought warning. Tuvalu National Drought Committee (DC) was activated on 5 July and outcome was to meet weekly to provide updates on both thresholds (rainfall received, government water reserves).
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