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Event: VO Volcano
Number: 2020-000205
Country: ECU Ecuador
Location: Sangay
Date (YMD): 2020-9-20
Information Source:IGEPN
Comments: Since June 2020, the eruptive process of Sangay volcano has registered high to very high levels of activity. According to the report issued by the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic (IGEPN), in the early morning of 20 September 2020, the volcano registered a significant increase in the volcano’s internal and external activity. That day, a strong eruption generated a column of ash 10 kilometres high, from the crater level. The volcanic material reached Guayas, Manabí, and Santa Elena, passing through Los Ríos, Chimborazo, and Bolívar . The National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE) reports that the ash fall mostly affected agriculture sectors, affecting some 114,000 hectares of crops, 18,000 farmers and 72,000 heads of livestock. On 25 September, strong rainfall and nearby pyroclastic flows prompted the overflow of the Upano river.
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