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Event: FL Flood
Number: 2022-000271
Country: NGA Nigeria
Location: Northern , Northeastern and south states.
Date (YMD): 2022-7-22
Information Source:Nigeria Red Cross, IFRC
Comments: Since 20thJune 2022, abundant rains are being recorded over localized areas in southern Nigeria, with total amount of rains exceeding 100mm. Floods have also started to be recorded in some parts of the area at risk, mainly in Northern localities and urban areas since end of June 2022. Currently, more flash floods are recorded and general alerts are for the moment in yellow alert with a close monitoring of meteorological expert issuing frequent alerts since July. For next few weeks, heavy and enhanced rain is forecast over the majority of West Africa. More than 2000mm of rainfalls are projected in areas of southern Nigeria and 390mm projected in the Northern Part of the country from the week of 20th June and beyond. This trend follows the same path of previous years, which led to important flooding affecting almost 20 states in the country with more than 10,000 households randomly affected in various way, with always at least 3,000 households homeless and/or displaced. GDACS and IFRC risk watch as well as NiMET forecast are issuing alerts and forecasts from June with an projected worsening of the situation in August with intensification of floods and strong winds, storm, rivers etc high incidence on displacement, agriculture, households relief, markets etc.
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