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Event: CE Complex Emergency
Number: 2021-000201
Country: TCD Chad
Location: Ndjamena and Chari-Baguirmi
Date (YMD): 2021-12-5
Information Source:Chad Red Cross Society
Comments: According to the National Commission for the Reception and Reintegration of Refugees and Repatriates (CNARR) and the UNHCR, 82,637 Cameroonians have found refuge on Chadian territory by 12 December 2021. Of these, 45,637 are reported in the urban areas of Ndjamena while 37,000 are in rural areas. Most of these people have fled the town of Kousseri to N'djamena, the capital of Chad, located a few kilometres across the Chari and Logone rivers, which mark the border between Chad and Cameroon, following communal violence starting on 5th December.
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